This is my attempt at putting the Book of Psalms into my own words. I am not striving for an improved translation or interpretation. This is not The Message by Dave. This is words that mean to me what I am reading. I try not to change wording for the sake of changing, but rather to write down words that I feel the Bible is speaking to me. I hope that you might find some value to this; if so please let me know.

It is my goal to post each Monday. Doing the math, this will take a few years. Stick around and let's see where it goes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Psalm 11

1 Jesus covers me and protects me always. How then can you say to me:
"Run to your hiding place.2 The wicked are attacking you; from the darkness they come to hurt the righteous. 3 They try to destroy my very purpose. What am I to do?"

4 Jesus is the Holy One in His Holy place. He watches us; His eyes never leave.5 We who try to be righteous are still under His examination, but those who are in love with violence and hatred will get the same back from God: violence and hatred.6 For them the sky will burn and every breath will burn their lungs. 7 For Jesus is the most righteous, He loves the righteous, and His acceptance pours over us now and always.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Psalm 10

1Why, LORD, do You stay far from me? When I need You most You seem to be everywhere but where I am looking.

2The evil conceited ones take advantage of those who do not know You; folks are ensnared but these evil plots. 3The evil ones are proud of their evil doings; they actually bless their evil deeds while they simultaneously hate You, the Lord.4They are so proud they do not see the need to seek the Lord; their minds are too cluttered up with the ways of the world. They think there is no room for God. 5They think to themselves, "I have lots of money and power, who needs God? Why should I obey His rules? I regularly trample those who follow God beneath my feet. 6I don't need God, and I never will. I am getting along fine on my own."

7These evil ones never hold back their vile tongues; Nothing but their own deceit and ills come out of their mouths.

8They sneak around the earth, surprising and killing whomever they want, whenever they can get away with it. 9They are like a lion in the tall grass, and the rest of us are but baby gazelles, helpless to defend ourselves when we are dragged away.10Under his lion like strength all are crushed.

11This evil fool has convinced himself that God does not know what is going on. That his deeds are hidden from the Lord.12Don't let this happen LORD! Bring Your mighty crushing blow down on the evil doers. Your helpless servants need to know You are there to defend us.

13How can this wicked man continue to hate You O Lord? What could possibly convince him that You will never hold him accountable for his actions?

14But we know O God that You do not forget the helpless, and You see all evils done against us and against You. We know that You are there for us; You will be our Father and helper.

15Cripple the wicked man; bring his actions to light that all might see and hold him accountable. 16 For You O Lord are and will ever be the King over all; even though nations will perish. 17You know what we need Lord, even as this evil man takes away what we have; You are there for us, You hear us, You protect us, 18You defend us, You are a father to us. When You do all these things for us, the evil ones have no more power. We are covered by You and we are well in spite of the evil.