This is my attempt at putting the Book of Psalms into my own words. I am not striving for an improved translation or interpretation. This is not The Message by Dave. This is words that mean to me what I am reading. I try not to change wording for the sake of changing, but rather to write down words that I feel the Bible is speaking to me. I hope that you might find some value to this; if so please let me know.

It is my goal to post each Monday. Doing the math, this will take a few years. Stick around and let's see where it goes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Psalm 14

1 Sometimes I ask in my heart, "Is there a God?" Those who say "no" are corrupt, and their works useless; none of them do any good.

2 The LORD looks into my heart to see if I understand, to see if I seek Him. 3 Too often I have turned aside, I also become corrupt; I do no good, not the least bit. 4Will I ever learn? I who treat others like things to be consumed, and I who ignore You Lord? 5Here I am, overtaken with fear, fear for the God that is present among the righteous ones. 6The evil ones do not advance he cause of the poor, but the poor will always have the Lord. He will take care of them.

7Bring salvation to all people! When this happens, all will rejoice, in heaven and earth, for all time.

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