This is my attempt at putting the Book of Psalms into my own words. I am not striving for an improved translation or interpretation. This is not The Message by Dave. This is words that mean to me what I am reading. I try not to change wording for the sake of changing, but rather to write down words that I feel the Bible is speaking to me. I hope that you might find some value to this; if so please let me know.

It is my goal to post each Monday. Doing the math, this will take a few years. Stick around and let's see where it goes.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Psalm 12

For the director of music. According to sheminith . A psalm of David.
1 Help me, O LORD, to find the faithful; they are almost invisible among my circle of friends. 2 People lie even to those that they should trust; their constant lies speak nothing but good about themselves.

3 LORD, remove the lips and tongues of those liars, the lips 4 that say, "We can win over the world with just our false words. Who can stop us? We are our own masters!"

5 "In answer to the treatment of the small and needy, I will make my strength known," says the LORD. "I will put forth my power protect the weak from those who assail them." 6 Hear these perfect words of The Lord! They are the purest silver, more refined than any works of man. 7 O LORD, we are weak, and we know You will protect us for all time. 8 Until all men honor You, O Lord, these deceivers will walk the earth in arrogance and pride.

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